Are These The Easiest States To Score Weed In?

Posted on February 08 2016

Maybe you're planning a weekend away. Maybe you're planning on going to College. Maybe you're planning on moving to a new city completely. Whatever. If you're on this site there's a good chance you might be interested in the easiest states in America to score weed. Here are a few.


So, the recreational marijuana initiative in Cali has yet to be initiated, but a 2016 referendum will likely change that. And if you're after medicinal marijuana, California has an especially easy application process, with most applicants getting accepted within an hour!


Oregon is seriously one of the coolest states. Portland especially is cool as fuck. I often go to visit a friend there where we usually watch a gig, and obviously get stoned beforehand. Apparently there are more Dispensaries than there are McDonalds in Oregon. See? Cool as...



This is the most recently legalised state. It also has the benefits of awe-inspiring scenery. Combine those two things for a great high. 


Legalised since 2012, Washington are in many ways ahead of the game. Sound and accessible structures, the system there works well for marijuana users. According to Forbes Washington boasts some of the cheapest weed on the market too!


Well, you know, OBVS. It's the benchmark. It's called the Mountain High State for a reason. Probably a different reason, but it's bound to be reappropriated in time. 



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