Wake and bake (a clay pot).

Posted on January 31 2016

This is a weird one, sort of. In my head it's like a version of Ghost where Demi Moore isn't writhing in pleasure, but because she's high as fuck and can't stop giggling. Maybe.

You see, there's been a bit of a new fad developing where cannabis creativity has been explored through the wake and bake, but the baking refers to a clay pot. There are almost too many puns in this. 

Anyway, the event held by www.puffpassandpaint.com gives you the option to get stoned and explore your creativity in a way they say is perfect for a nice high. The guests at the event are involved with making their very own smoking paraphernalia while smoking some good quality herb. So as the joint or the pipe is being passed around, crafters are in the business of making their own ashtrays and pipes for future use.

I haven't been, but the feedback from the first even suggests that it is kind of perfect, especially because of the sensation of the clay. If you fancy making yourself a nice ashtray or bong or something, get involved. Maybe I'll see you there. This idea is weirdly enticing to me. 


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  • Armand: February 04, 2016

    I wish i never did business with these people they dont care to write their wrongs they sent me a bad seed and even though i asked and asked for a replacement they never helped me for one lousy seed!

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