Marijuana Does Not Affect Intelligence!

Posted on January 25 2016


There was once a study, quite a famous study, that suggested smoking marijuana could be responsible for damaging brain cells, and consequently  decreased the intelligence of smokers. The study measured the IQ of high school students and found a certain correlation between IQ levels and marijuana use. It inferred from this that marijuana could, in essence, make you less intelligent. The study was used in anti-marijuana campaigns the world over. The irony? Well the study itself was pretty damn stupid.

A new study saw psychologists assessing sets of twins over a decade. It found that whilst IQs declined in those who regularly smoked, it deteriorated at exactly the same rate in the twin that abstained. 

The study suggests that marijuana use and cognitive decline are more likely linked to social situations, that a struggling teen is more likely to turn to marijuana as a coping mechanism, but the marijuana itself is not the causal effect, rather the other way round entirely.

When viewed from this new perspective (and though I'm biased a far more sensible perspective) it certainly argues with those old anti-marijuana campaigns. If anything, the fact it is used as a "coping mechanism" again recasts it as more medicinal. 





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