The Company That Allow Weed Breaks

Posted on January 19 2016

So, I used to work in an office where smoking breaks were allowed, pretty much all the time. I’m just talking about cigarettes, but employees who smoked could, within reason, nip out for a “fag break,” whenever they wanted. I remember how the employees who didn’t smoke would get annoyed at this, and to be fair it’s understandable. 

However, I would never have been able to nip for a “weed break.” I imagine the looks I would get if I said “I’m just nipping out for a spliff!” Not to mention I would have been sacked/arrested!

Well if you’re now imagining a perfect world where you can nip out for a weed break, I’m now gonna tell you where you need to get a job! A company called Flowhub, based in Colorado, not only allows weed breaks, but even encourages it if it will help you work better!

 "Our philosophy at Flowhub is get shit done," said founder Kyle Sherman. "If it helps our employees get work done, then we don't care if they consume at work. "It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things.

Good, right? 

Whilst recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, smoking of any kind unfortunately isn't allowed in the building, but Flowhub’s employees are free to bring in cannabis-infused edibles, sodas and juices.

I’ve not even told you what the company does, but a bet part of you already wants to work for them, right?



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