Weed disguised as carrots (found at US Border)

Posted on January 15 2016

It may not be as rock’n’roll as Howard Marks smuggling it in guitar amps, but this is one of the most creative examples of weed smuggling that I’ve ever come across! 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted 2,493 pounds of marijuana, which was found hidden among a commercial shipment of fresh carrots in a tractor-trailer traveling from Mexico. The shipment was discovered during a search at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility, located near the U.S. border with Mexico in southeastern Texas—around 250 miles south of San Antonio. 

It seems they would have been successful too were it not for the intervention of sniffer dogs picking up on the scent of marijuana, disguised in orange packages that were made to resemble carrots and hidden in with an actual shipment of carrots. 

Apparently the street value of the drugs was close to half a million dollars. But I wonder if they had been successful before this trip? And if so, could there be a mistaken carrot in a grocery store somewhere, waiting to be discovered? It’s kind of like a Golden Ticket. Or maybe an Orange Ticket? Or maybe a Green Ticket? Whatever, you get my point...



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