When Bowie Was Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Posted on January 11 2016

Given the news today, I thought I'd do a post telling the story of what has been called "the coolest mugshot ever."

On March 21, 1976, Bowie was arrested at the Americana Rochester Hotel along with three others — including James Osterberg, better known as Iggy Pop — at 2:25 a.m. following a performance at the War Memorial Arena. According to police, 182 grams of marijuana (or about half a pound) was confiscated from the English rocker’s three-room suite.

Now it might be nice to think of those distinctive eyes all red and hazy, but as you can see from the above picture, Bowie looked as cool as fuck, even when stoned and arrested! That he was arrested for marijuana is not an issue about legalization (that's for another day!), but simply an excuse to post a picture as a celebration, rather than a lament. 




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