Weed Strain or Band Name - Quiz: How many can you get?

Posted on January 04 2016

Ok, so I saw a Youtube video in which loveable stoner Seth Rogan and straight up loveable co-star Rose Byrne were given a quiz. Essentially, they were given a list of names and asked to identify if they were a WEED STRAIN or a BAND NAME.
Full disclosure, I struggle when it comes to posting YouTube videos within the blog so instead I'll just post the questions at first.

Weed strain or band name?

  1. Chernoble
  2. Train Wreck
  3. Opi Gone Bad
  4. Romulan Cotton Candy
  5. D. Elders
  6. Yuckleberry Wow
  7. Purple Earkle
  8. String Cheese Incident

Ok, so how many do you think you can get? I'm gonna post a picture of each of them taking the test. Don't scroll down and cheat! 




  1. Chernoble – Weed Strain
  2. Train Wreck – Weed Strain
  3. Opi Gone Bad – Band Name
  4. Romulan Cotton Candy – Weed Strain
  5. D. Elders – Band Name
  6. Yuckleberry Wow – Weed Strain
  7. Purple Earkle – Weed Strain
  8. String Cheese Incident – Band Name
So, I got 8. I thought it was fairly easy.
If you all find it fairly easy then I'll start posting progressively more difficult quizzes in time?



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  • Marina Brizendine: January 08, 2016

    They Would Quiz Seth! Lol

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