The giant sloth that’s meant to warn kids off weed (and why the advert sucks)

Posted on December 23 2015

So, recently The New South Wales Government released an anti-marijuana campaign aimed at teens. It explores the idea that whilst stoned, people might be a little lethargic and slow moving. It’s catchphrase is “You’re worse on weed.” To be fair, from an objective viewpoint, there is an element of truth to their idea. I have at times, been so stoned I don’t quite function as well as when I’m not. I’ve sat down on a sofa for hours on end, basically doing nothing. That’s fair enough. It’s like anything - too much of something can be bad for you. It’s a hyperbolic advert, but as it’s an anti-marijuana campaign I totally understand it. The problem is, the advert uses a sloth as its mascot, and even from an objective viewpoint, it’s fucking ridiculous. 

The advert shows a variety of situations with a teenager, represented with a comical sloth, unable to function when stoned. The metaphor is laboured, and more than that, it’s absolutely hysterical. What should, by rights, be a potent warning against excess, has just turned out hysterical. 

I mean look at it. That sloth is just kinda cute and basically adorable. It hardly has the hard-hitting impact of Requiem For A Dream, does it? 

 As should have been expected to happen, people have basically taken the piss so much the advert has become a joke, a self-fulfilling parody of itself. 

 Fuck it, I’m about to become a sloth right now whilst eating my weight in Christmas foods and watching Home Alone. 

 Peace out 



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