Stocking Fillers For Stoners

Posted on December 15 2015

Here are some ideas for Christmas presents to buy your stoner friends. Or maybe just things to buy for yourself!

1. Sweets that eliminate cotton mouth


This one is perfect little gift to slip into a stocking You can find it here.

2. For the iphoner-stoner; a case with a secret one hit. 

Just $20 and available in 4 colours here.

3. For a more a literal wake and bake-off. 


A bit silly, but kind of cute. You can find them here

4. Perfect watch / grinder / stash box


Multi-functional. And if you've got a watch in front of you then you can see if time is actually passing slowly... get one here.


5. And for those ideas you forget...


And they are all brilliant! Get them here.



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