Light The Christmas Tree

Posted on December 08 2015

When I think of turning on the lights of a Christmas Tree, I think of the big ceremony at Rockefeller Centre. I think of a massive fuck off tree, with constellations of beautiful lights and smiling crowds of jumper-wearing merrymakers. It’s a nice image, if something of a cliché, right? 

Well, just days after the lighting of the iconic Rockefeller Centre tree, a new festive tradition has gone somewhat unnoticed; the lighting of the Christmas Tree. Now, for legal reasons I can’t say who the owner (and decorator) of this tree is, but just think of it as sort of the best advent calendar ever, with a branch a day, if you get my drift.

This is the kind of tradition I can see catching on.  It might not be that big, but lighting up this christmas tree is sure to pack more of a punch.



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