Wanna smoke weed with Snoop Dogg? Here’s how you can…

Posted on December 03 2015

No, the headline wasn’t just a way to get you to click through; you legit can smoke weed with Snoop. A “wellness break” with the rapper is a prize being offered to anyone who donates $10 this holiday season, to RED, an organisation that raises funds to help fight AIDS. 

It basically works like an online raffle, where each dollar you donate will give you ten chances to win the prize. The prize will take care of all expenses, including flights to Colorado and a hotel for you to stay in. You can enter as many times as you like to give yourself more chances to party with the infamous smoker. 

I should probably point out there are other prizes up for grabs (you can choose which one you want), including taking a bike ride with Bono and doing something with George Clooney. Probably drink coffee with Clooney? Although Clooney does smoke week so maybe he might be up for it too? Ok, you can stick with Snoop.

You can enter here:



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