Yelp refuses adverts of Denver massage studio

Posted on December 01 2015

Last week, review site Yelp told a Denver Massage Studio that they could not advertise on the site because of the acronym THC. 
The studio, LoDo Massage, is best know for offering the “Mile High Massage” which is sixty minutes of massage with a THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) infused lotion, the cannabinoid properties of which can get the recipient subtly high.
Because the studio advertises the “Mile High Massage” on its website, Yelp has said the business can no longer spend its advertising money with them, despite the fact that the massage is entirely legal in Denver. 
A Yelp spokesperson has said that “don’t currently show any advertising for cannabis related businesses in the United States.” 
Yelp’s decision to reclassify LoDo Massage as a cannabis clinic has baffled the owner of the studio. 
“We’ve never pushed ourselves as a weed-driven business whatsoever,” said Ed Rich, owner of LoDo Massage. “We simply use Apothecanna (THC-infused lotions) because we feel it does the best job to alleviate pain during the massage. It doesn’t go into the bloodstream. We don’t up-charge for it.
“Yelp reclassified us as a dispensary under their terms,” Rich said, “and because of that we’re no longer able to buy advertising — and the paid advertising from Yelp was huge for our business.”
But Yelp refuse to change their stance until LoDo remove the “Mile High Massage” from their website. 



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