Cultivating Spirits - The pairing of certain strains with certain foods.

Posted on November 30 2015

I recently watched an interview with Phillip Wolf, the Founder of Cultivating Spirits; a company that specialises in incorporating cannabis into “fine events” such as weddings and parties. The company currently runs the world’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo where you can try out a range of strains and talk to experts about what strains work best with certain menus. Based in Santa Fe, the expo also holds a range of florists, catering companies and DJs so you can plan all that you need for your big day under one roof (a roof that also has a smoking room!)

I found Wolf’s interview interesting because he clearly believes in the idea that certain strains should be identified and used at certain times, depending on what your body needs; it is much more than a gimmick, and Wolf stressed that identifying terpene profiles present in certain strains is key. 

When asked about what goes best with what, he gave a few examples. “Dark chocolate with a heavy indica, like a White Widow. That is one of the most on point pairings of a harmonization aspect that you’ll have.” 

When asked about his favourite combinations, and the kind of pairings Cultivating Spirits are know for, he said, "Sativas with limonene in it, ones that are a very light, will go with fish dishes very naturally. A Golden Goat is my favourite.”

But the key aspect of this interview transcends the pairings of food and marijuana, and talks about a potential change in the cannabis industry (and how we smoke it) in general.  "The future of cannabis will be the separation of terpenes, so you can pinpoint exactly how to identify and fix a certain ailment in your body. I’ll smoke a Golden Goat during the day, when I’m at work, and it’s the best espresso or pick-me-up you can get." 



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