How weed can pay your college fees.

Posted on November 09 2015


No, this is not some fantastical Weed-meets-Meth Breaking Bad storyline or even a practical outline to dealing marijuana to raise tuition fees. Whilst I can’t legally say I would admire any high school students who showed the enterprise to deal weed to allow themselves the chance to go to college, the story isn’t even that literal. Rather, from 2017, high school students in one county of Colorado will be able to apply for a college scholarship funded my a new marijuana tax.

 Last week, 60% of voters in Pueblo County approved a measure that will phase in an increase in taxes — 5% by 2020 — on marijuana growers  to fund college scholarships and other community projects. I suppose you could say it’s an example of marijuana giving back to the community, as though it doesn’t give enough already

 "The whole point of the scholarship program was to make higher education a reality for families who can't afford to send their kids to school because of debt," said Paris Carmichael, a spokesperson for Pueblo County. 

 Even if you place the student beneficiaries aside, the scheme may have wider-reaching political positives. The establishment of the 'marijuana tax,’ on top of the traditional business taxes, will be another argument in the pro-legalisation campaigners arsenal. That legalisation could, in a way, lead to an increase in educational opportunities, particularly for lower income families, will be another example of the socio-economical and political benefits of legalisation in Colorado. Hopefully other states will mark it down in the pros column. 



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