Could you do the Nugginge?

Posted on November 04 2015

Ok, so on this blog I try and do a mixture of posts. I try and do some that are fairly scientific and look at the medicinal properties of marijuana. These posts are, I suppose, relatively serious in terms of content and tone. I also do some posts that are newsworthy within the world of marijuana and marijuana seeds… anything that relates to potential legalisation or incidents of notable crime/developments/stories etc… The last genre of posting that I do, is perhaps more personal, and certainly more stupid. I warn you, if you’re after anything that fits the first two post-strains (pun intended) then do not read on.

Ok, so a year or so ago I was in this small town could Breda in rural Holland. It is this very scenic town with picturesque streets and fairy lights and bicycles and pretty girls and incredibly tall men. If you’ve never been to rural Holland, imagine your biggest cliche of what it would look like and you’re pretty damn close. 

I was with a few friends, and needless to say, I had partaken in the local culture. I was very stoned. I had got the “munchies." It was maybe two in the morning and I was fucking starving. It was then the concept of the Nugginge came up…

Nugginge is a portmanteau combining the words Nugget and Challenge. Clever, right? No, I don’t think so either. But the Nugginge came about because I was so hungry I claimed I could eat 50 McDonalds chicken nuggets in one go. My friends thought that was ridiculous. That eating 50 chicken nuggets in one sitting was beyond possible. That in a Man vs Food - or specifically Stoned Man vs Nuggets -  the winner would be Nuggets. What do you think?

Well, I should tell you, that I spent a good 45 minutes walking around Breda. It was near winter and I was cold and the more I walked the more hungry I became. I sobered up a bit as we walked, but eventually, without the benefit of 3G, we found a McDonalds. 

I sat down and ordered 50 nuggets straight off and began the Nugginge. Because I was so hungry and because I had been so sure I would be able to do it, failure did not seem like an option. It would be something I could not live down. It would be an overwhelming dent to my pride.

So, how many nuggets could I manage? Well, the first twenty went by in the blink of a red eye. The next ten were harder. The next ten a lot harder. I began to sweat. I began to feel pains in my stomach. At forty I looked at the final ten and amongst the jeers of my friends I bravely carried on. It was a lot harder than I thought. 

After 47 nuggets I felt my stomach turning. I ran outside and was sick in the beautiful Dutch street. I failed the Nugginge but I was close. How many do you think you could do? 



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