Am I allergic to weed?

Posted on November 01 2015

Good Lord I hope not, but it is an allergy that some desperately poor people are inflicted with. Here are a few things that might indicate that you are…


  1. Asthmatic Symptoms

Some people can be short on breath when smoking, and whilst it might just be that you’re hitting too much or you need to get some fresh air, it could also be indicative of an allergy to the plant.


  1. Allergic reaction to other plants
This can also include vegetables. You might find allergic reactions to other plants or even greens that is caused by an initial allergy to whatever you’ve been smoking.
  1. Sore Throats
Could just be a cold, but a sore throat might be an allergic reaction to weed.
  1. Red Eye.
Red eye is a common reaction to smoking weed. Often it is not an indication of an allergy, but it can be. 
  1. Runny Nose
I have a cold right now, it’s the time of the year. But there is a link between throat, ears and nasal passages and a runny nose is another potential allergic reaction.
  1. Hives and itchy skin
This is the most obvious and visible one. Some people do break out in hives after smoking marijuana.
I know Halloween is over so I’m not trying to scare you. One of these signs alone doesn’t mean you’re allergic to weed, but if you’re smoking a lot and suffering from all of these things, it’s worth considering. 




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