Has anyone lost 50 pounds of weed?

Posted on October 26 2015

If so, the police are looking for you… sorry.

Last week, a resident of Hazlet, New Jersey, received a package in the post. Well, actually, lots of packages. A shit load. 50 pounds worth in fact. The packages were addressed to a person who did not live at the address, and given the suspicious nature of them turning up (I’m actually not sure why they found it so suspicious and not just a postal service fuck up) the resident decided to contact the police instead of simply returning to sender.

“Looking for a packing list which would contain information on the addressee, the officers opened the packages and they contained approximately 50 pounds of marijuana,” said the police department, in a message they post on their Facebook wall!  The police then put out a message asking the intended recipient to come in and claim their weed. Obviously they were just being nice guys who wanted to ensure the weed reached their correct home.

Apparently it isn’t uncommon for drug dealers to ship their cargos to random addresses, with the aim being to distance themselves from the product before intercepting the goods before they are picked up by anybody else. Obviously it didn’t work out too well this time.

So, if serendipity (and FedEX) brought you 50 pounds of marijuana, what would you do?




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