Marijuana use has doubled (allegedly)

Posted on October 22 2015


According to a new study, roughly 1 in 10 Americans smoke marijuana. That might seem high, depending on your perspective. When you consider approximately 7 in 10 adults drink alcohol, then comparatively it’s not that high. 


To be precise, 9.5 percent of adults in the United States smoke marijuana now, whereas a decade ago it was closer to 4.1 percent. So what’s changed? Well of course the first issue to look at has to be legalisation. The fact that legalisation has occurred in certain states (whether medicinal or recreational) is of course going to see corresponding rise in usage. But I wonder whether there is more to it? I mean, perhaps these latest figures that suggest marijuana usage has doubled has also been distorted by the first figure, that is people who said they smoked it 10 years ago, actually being higher than was initially reported.


The perception is changing, but even now there will be many people who smoke marijuana who still keep it hidden. If they are smoking it illegally then that of course makes sense, but even in states where it has been legalised there is still something of a stigma, right? I am asking this from an objective perspective, but comparative to alcohol usage, there are still parts of the demographic who wouldn’t publicly discuss marijuana consumption. With that in mind, I think the disparity between marijuana and alcohol is smaller than these latest figures might suggest.



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