How electricity bills can be the downfall for marijuana growers.

Posted on October 20 2015

Originally I had titled this post “Couple Arrested At 84 For Growing Weed.” I had read an article about an elderly couple in Florida who were recently charged with illegally growing cannabis in their home. At first I kind of assumed the story would write itself; I imagined they would have been growing a small amount for medicinal purposes and were harshly arrested. I imagined I would have been sympathetic to their cause.


In a way, I am. But in the way I would be sympathetic to anyone who isn’t able to freely grown marijuana in their home state. That the couple are in their 80s shouldn’t be that relevant, should it? What I’m trying to say is, I wanted to avoid writing a post that was predictable and biased and easy.


Instead, I wanna look at how this couple ended up getting arrested, because that information might be something new and interesting for you. In short, the police were tipped off to the “suspicious activity" of the couple by their power company. Of course, growing marijuana requires a whole range of electrical equipment that sends the energy meter through the roof. But it was not the surge in power that caused the power company to tip off the police; it was the disparity between power levels used and meter readings.


The couple decided to bypass their electrical meter in the hope this would avoid raising suspicions about what they were using all that power on; this theory of course backfired. But what I’m wondering is, if the company has just seen that a house was using lots of power (whilst paying their bills), would they have bothered tipping off the police about suspicious activity? Or would they maybe been happy to just keep taking the money?


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  • BotanicMike: October 21, 2015

    For sure there going to take your money. Unless the police specifically ask for information and go through the proper channels they have no reason to just give that information out. Don’t steal and pay your bill on time. They have a block meter for areas. So if all the houses don’t add up to the block meter they can then search for the culprit who is stealing power.

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