Ameoba Music revolutionizing Record Stores with weed dispensaries?

Posted on October 13 2015

You’ve heard the expression Jazz Cigarettes, right? Well the Berkeley branch of Ameoba Music are bringing life to this euphemism by aiming to convert the jazz section of their store into a weed dispensary. Genius, right?

I visited Ameoba in San Francisco a few years ago and bought a vinyl of “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” if you want to know… ( I know you don’t) but at that point the jazz section was fairly anonymous in my recollection of the trip. Since that point, the SF branch has replaced their Jazz section with a weed dispensary, and now he Berkeley branch are aiming to do the same. 

“College kids don’t buy as much music as they used to,” said co-owner David Prinz. “It also fits in with what we do, who we are. It’s counterculture to a very high degree.”

I’m a big fan of record stores. I love buying albums. And the link between marijuana and music is so obvious it seems to make perfect sense. My question is, what comes first? Chick or egg? Are you gonna get stoned and think I really wanna listen to some music now, to improve this high? Or are you gonna be listening to music and think, ‘man I wish I was high?’ 

Is the aim to get people into the store (to buy the weed first) and hope they also buy a record whilst they are there? Or is it simply to give existing customers something else to buy, whilst they are already there?

Either way, tip your hats to Ameoba. Cool as fuck, as always. 




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