How to hotbox a cop car, get stoned with a cop… and get away with it!

Posted on October 11 2015

Have you ever played that game where you tell someone two truths and one lie? For those unaware, the idea is pretty simple: you tell someone three facts about yourself, two of them true and one a lie. The person you are playing with has to guess which the lie is. Well imagine if one of the truths could be “I once hotboxed a cop car.” That would be one pretty damn badass truth, right? (For the record, I recommend playing this game on Tinder. It’s an excellent way to reveal more about yourself / learn more, without resorting to lame small talk). 

Now, Stephanie Landa, is able to use that truth. Stephanie Landa spent five years in federal prison for a marijuana charge. Upon her release she took part in a fundraising project designed to help the prisoners/victims of the failed war on drugs. The campaign was run by the oldest and most renown dispensary in West Hollywood, CA: Alternative Herbal Health Services  and true leaders in the marijuana industry, Jason Beck and Dr Dina.

The premise, much like the two truths one lie game, is very simple. You pay $20 to be able smoke a joint inside an actual cop car. When Landa did it (above) a cop actually got in with her at one point. She closed all doors and windows and narrated her feelings to the people outside via a megaphone. 

This occurred at the successful Chalice event in San Bernardino last weekend. But if the opportunity to do this comes up again, I for one and gonna try and get a pretty good story to tell. 



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