Visit America’s first weed resort!

Posted on October 05 2015

It sounds like a dream, or a half-baked idea between friends that gets forgotten. It sounds like it has come from the same place as Macaulay Culkin’s idea to start a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band (he must have been high as fuck to come up with). But incredibly, the idea to open America’s first weed theme hotel resort has moved from stoned idea to something that is actually happening!! 

The Santee Sioux tribe of Flandreau, South Dakota, has unveiled plans to open a "marijuana resort" in what will be the nation's first dedicated facility for marijuana tourism. “We wanted it to be an adult’s playground,” said the Tribe’s president, Anthony Reider. There’s nowhere else in America that has something like this.”

So what can we expect? We can expect the tribe to grow their own produce which you will be able to buy at the resort and enjoy in public spaces such as dedicated smoking rooms. But there will also be nightclubs and casinos and restaurants and a whole host of other stuff you can do, whilst high!

Now marijuana is illegal in South Dakota, but the Native American tribal lands that will host the resort are recognised as sovereign areas, free of federal and state jurisdiction, meaning that as long as you keep the weed within the complex, you can smoke all you want.

So what are we saying people? Dream vacation? Who’s coming with us?




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