Drug smugglers unload Cannabis onto tourist beach.

Posted on September 28 2015

Picture the scene. You’re sitting on a crowded beach on the Costa Del Sol. The sun is at its highest and burning down on you. You have a (hopefully) ice cold beer in one hand and maybe a book (or Kindle, whatevs) in the other. Or maybe you have your headphones in and are listening to music, which, for the sake of the mental image I’m gonna say is Waiting For A Star To Fall by Boy Meets Girl (only because I find this image funny). 

You might close your eyes and watch the colours dancing around the inside of your eyelids. Or you might keep glancing over to the hot Spanish girl with olive skin who has just slipped her bikini top off. Whatever you wanna imagine, ok?

Then, all of a sudden, a Zodiac boat pulls up with a few shady looking men in it. They stop on the shore and you watch as they proceed to unload 2,000 kilos of cannabis resin right in front of you. Right in front of everyone.

You then decide to get your phone and film as they transport what was £6million pounds worth of cannabis into a waiting van. 

The irony here is that such a scene was not a hallucination caused by taking too many drugs, but in fact happened last Saturday at 1.30pm.




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