Hashville: Is weed the new whiskey?

Posted on September 21 2015

Have you seen the ABC Series Nashville? I once caught half an episode in a hotel room, and whilst I made the snap judgement that it was pretty damn atrocious, I did enjoy trying to spot all the country music cliches. In fact, I think it would be a pretty good drinking game, every time you saw someone battling demons with a glass of whiskey, you could do a shot of… well, whiskey? Perhaps I’m being harsh, after all, a cliche is something once true, turned trite through overuse. With that said, the truth still remains. The image I have of country singers in dive bars, drowning their sorrows then picking up a guitar and singing about them, still resonates to a degree. 

But perhaps that trope is too narrow? Perhaps that image is too well-worn? Perhaps there is another side to this world, where weed is the new whiskey? According to Pistol Annies, there is now a Hashville residing within Nashville. This is a world that subverts the cliche placed on a pedestal, and in truth I’ve always been something of an iconoclast. 

"Give me weed instead of roses / Bring me whiskey ‘stead of wine / Every puff, every shot you’re lookin’ better all the time.”

Ok, they still want whiskey, but the fact they want weed too is something of a radical departure from my country music expectations. And it certainly wasn’t something I saw during my half hour of Nashville (feel free to correct me. I can’t be bothered to watch the whole thing in the name of journalistic research).

"So I snuck out behind the red barn/And I took myself a toke/Since everybody here hates everybody here/Hell I might as well be the joke.”

There is still that sadness, that small town frustration. But instead of drowning her sorrows, Ashley Monroe croons, in a decidedly sweet Dolly Twang that she’d rather just get high to forget. I’m kind of down with this girl… 


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  • jess: September 21, 2015

    Nashville is bull. Hashville sounds better!

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