Want an Orgasm? Get stoned!

Posted on September 13 2015

I’m mainly talking to the ladies. Or the men who are struggling to please their ladies. Or the ladies who are struggling to please their ladies. Actually, I’m just talking to everyone, because everyone feels better after an orgasm, right?

Now weed has often been referred to as Nature’s Viagra - I’ve read that, but I’ve never heard anyone actually say it - and it is known as a natural aphrodisiac, of sorts. There are many websites and articles out there that recount the different ways in which weed can improve your sex life.

As it happens, the one I read which started this train of thought was based around the idea that getting stoned can "strengthen the bond between two lovers.” But I want to avoid any Woodstock-notions of love here, and go straight for the cold hard facts about weed, genitals and orgasms. 

Fact One: It can help her orgasm. 

According to Maureen O’Conner (general sex expert - sexpert) a client had been struggling to reach climax since going on anti-deppressants. The cure? A heady cocktail of red wine, weed and a Jazz Blogger. I assume the Jazz Blogger can be subbed out. 

Fact Two: It makes orgasms crazier. 

This is the one that interests me the most. Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany, provides us with some “scientifically acceptable” support, to begin the exploration. 

“That CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria,” he says, referring to cannabinoid receptors in our nervous system activated by THC. Naturally, no pun intended, THC is the active drug found in cannabis.

This all sounds good enough to me, but I was never especially good in Science.

But, consider this: the effects of weed in seemingly slowing down time can also work to seemingly stretch on the length of your orgasm for much longer. We’ve all been there before, where time seems to be strangely elastic, right? Now, sitting on your sofa, stretching out the time you spend watching a television programme is all well and good, but can you distill that sensation into the prolonging of an orgasm? 

Is there such a thing as a weedgasm? 


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  • Yoshii: October 20, 2015

    Sending you a big hug Katina, that must have been a huge shock for you. You take care and rest your eyes…don’t worry about commenting. We’ll still be here wainitg for your next card :) This one is beautiful, I love the butterfly, your teabag folding is fabulous! Sarah xx

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