Woman rings police to complain about lack of marijuana

Posted on September 07 2015

Ok, so this is a strange one. There was a woman, a frequent marijuana user, who wanted to get high on a Friday night. Normal. She was intoxicated (not sure on what) and she went around her usual channel of dealers. Normal. She began to get frustrated because she couldn’t find what she was after. Normal. She decided to ring the local police and vent her frustrations to them. Norm-wait, what?

The woman apparently rang up her local station and demanded they listened to her frustrations, claiming they had made it impossible for her to get stoned with their strict policing. 

"She was disgusted with what Esperance Police have done and would like us to stop charging people for using or possessing cannabis,” said Senior Sergeant Richard Moore. "She sees the kids in her street daily searching for cannabis and not being able to get it easily.” 
"[She said] Her and her family are low income and need cannabis to get them through the day," Senior Sergeant Moore explained. "By taking cannabis off the street we are forcing her and her type to use meth."

The woman has not been named (I’m not sure if she even gave her name, though I assume she decided it wouldn’t be a smart move), but there is something almost admirable in her strange decision to tell the police just how much they had pissed her off that evening. 


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  • Terry: September 12, 2015

    Haha, amazing!

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