An open bar, a marijuana bar, a dream wedding?

Posted on August 30 2015

An open bar at a wedding is always a good way to ensure married life begins with an epic celebration. I was at my friend’s wedding recently where there was not only an open bar, but also baby alpacas and a hot tub. It was frankly ridiculous but it was also a tremendous way to kick things off for the newly-weds. The minute he safely put his parents in a taxi back to the hotel, the reception descended into the kind of hedonism you might typically associate with the last days of Rome (in a good way). A free-flowing supply of drink and a few bridesmaids in the hot tub later, I declared it the best wedding I had been to.

Then I read about the wedding of John Allege and Whitney Alexander, which occurred earlier this month in Oregon. Now what made this wedding so special (in my eyes, at least) was that in addition to an open bar serving alcohol, there was also a smoke tent where guests could sample 13 strains of marijuana with the help of a specialist ‘bud tender.’  

Whilst I’m not entirely sure I’d be comfortable having a smoke tent at my own wedding - for both my bank balance and the idea of Nana off her tits on kush - I can only imagine what it would have been like if those hazy memories of chasing baby alpacas around a field were filtered through the green gauze of an open marijuana bar. Or if the constant toasting through the day was done with a toke instead of (or as well as) champagne.

For the record, I’m writing this in my office and I’ve just taken a half-hour break to decide what 13 strains I would have in my own marital smoke tent. It was a good game, if a criminal waste of time. 




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