3 Strains To Start Your Day

Posted on November 30 2016

Some marijuana can be so strong that it renders you incapable of doing tasks properly, however, there are a number of strains which, if you are going to wake ‘n’ bake, will suit the morning perfectly. A joint in the morning can be a great way to wake yourself up as a small amount can merely calm your nerves and level your head out, ensuring that you will cope with whatever the day throws at you in a calm manner. This definitely helps with stress and can help you deal with the workload better. One thing to bear in mind is making sure you don’t smoke too much, as you can get fired for being stoned, therefore if you are going to work, make sure you’re only slightly stoned and/or able to function properly.


Auto Mini Gun

As the name suggests, this bud is no joke, a strain of cannabis ruderalis therefore it will generally be less potent than your sativas or indicas. Auto Mini Gun is one our more potent autoflowering strains due to its two exceptional parents - Lowryder #2 from The Joint Doctor and AK47 from Serious Seeds. The AK47 was used as the mother whilst the Lowryder #2 was used a the father.



Sour Tangie

A mix of sativa and indica, Sour Tangie is a great little strain to calm your nerves but ensure your body remains energised and your mind sharp.Sore Tangie is a combination of the old and the new; Tangie being a newer strain people are going crazy for and Sour Diesel, an old school flavour of that sour funk people know and love!



Moonshine’s Ghost Train

Not just a pretty face, this strain is serious, being another sativa/indica mix this strain has a similar effect to the previous strain, yet without the sour taste and with a more mellow smoother taste which can only be provided by a purple strain. Moonshine's Ghost Train is a cross of the Cannabis cup winning Moonshine Haze and the " 2x Strongest strain on earth " Ghost Train Haze #1. High THC content, Sativa dominant strain that brings a smile to anyone who tries it.




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