3 Strains To Brighten Your Day

Posted on August 18 2016

With waves of legalizations and decriminalization sweeping the nation, now seems as good a time as any to expand your horizons when it comes to your favourite herb. Knowing what weed you are smoking is great, and as unlikely as it is, knowing where the weed comes from is even better. From wacky names to beautiful buds, looking through strains of marijuana can provide entertainment and make you fantasise about what could be. So here are three buds I picked for their name, appearance and description of flavour.


This is a pretty straight-forward choice, if the name doesn’t wet your appetite then the thought of smoking this sweet and fruity bud should. The plant itself can also yield high amounts of resin. This bud is also known to be great for relaxation and for the more philosophical and contemplative stoner, it is known to be good for mental stimulation.

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3D Third Dimension

Chosen originally for its name, this strain is also a great hybrid of strains which combined make a great mix of tropical flavours. With flavours ranging from kiwi to coconut, this strain is great for a summer's day of activities due in part to its nature as a sativa strain which should perk you up more than most strains.

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Jack Attack

Described as the plant of the emperor, this plant sounds cool and lives up to its name with it’s high strength recommended to only the most hardened stoners, if weed were a game this would be the final boss fight. Dense and bright, this bud is a beauty to look at but a monster to smoke.

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