3 marijuana terpenes you need to know about

Posted on June 22 2016

Uhh, Terpenes? What are they?

Terpenes are what make your particular strain of marijuana smell, taste and smoke so great. One of the reasons that the cannabis plant is so amazing is that it has such a range of flavours and smells that can be expressed through selective breeding. Cannabis has over 120 of these terpenes that can range from a grape smell to a lemon so strong you’d have thought your plant might actually have been crossed with a lemon tree somewhere in its history.

Terpenes are organic chemicals, thought to be developed in plants as an action against plant eating insects and animals. The smell of fresh cut grass is though to be similar to these, the smell causing chemical changes in other grasses and plants which prepare them for an incoming attack (long story short, plants are pretty cool). Terpenes make up around 5-10% of the overall total oils that are developed by the trichome glands on mature flowering cannabis.

Terpenes are also said to play a role in getting you high. For example, one of the terpenes in this list has been recorded as being able to get you higher if you take more of it before getting high.


You might be able to guess what Limonene does. It’s the terpene that gives marijuana its intense lemon flavour profile. It is found in many citrus plants, giving off orange and lemon scents. It’s also known to be very good for elevating mood, while having anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties. It’s found in large percentages in strains with intense lemon flavours like Super Lemon Haze.


Ever read a strain review where someone said that the flavour is piney? A bit like pine cones or pine needles? Well, that comes from a terpene called Pinene. Pinene is known to keep people awake and alert, and can also be used to open up the lungs (also known as a bronchodilator).


This is the aforementioned terpene that can help get you higher. Myrcene is found in mangoes and many other exotic fruits, as well as some strains of marijuana. It’s earthy scented and it’s greatness comes in helping THC pass the blood brain barrier, helping you get even more active cannabinoids working on the receptors in your brain. 



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