3 Great Activities To Do While Stoned

Posted on August 17 2016

Many associate being stoned with just chilling out and essentially doing nothing but watching TV or playing video games. This, like many other stoner stereotypes, is almost completely untrue, whilst yes chilling while smoking weed is fun, an even better kick is to go out and do something fun, the phrase ‘everything’s better with weed’ could not be more true. Now there are many great activities, ranging from strenuous to relaxing. There are a couple of great ones, such as sex, which I won’t include due to them not being universally available.

Bike ride

Bike rides are great fun, whether you live in a rural or urban environment, as well as relaxing. Bike rides can help you clear your head and cope with stress, while also keeping you fit and active. In city environments, you will be sure to find some amazing things you previously didn’t know existed while the same applies to rural environments whilst also adding great views and terrain. Bike riding can be social or solitary, it’s fun either way.


There’s no doubt that smoking marijuana increases your appetite exponentially, and a great way to utilise this hunger is through cooking yourself. You’ll find great pleasure in making your own food as you will know exactly what’s going in it while also seeing the whole process from start to finish. This includes all the great smells which arise from cooking, to maximise this I would recommend making a stir fry.


Now this may seem contradictory to my opening statement regarding chilling, however going to the cinema whilst you are stoned can be a fully immersive entertainment experience. In particularly going to the cinema alone and stoned can be a great way to spend time, as you will only focus on the art in motion which you are watching.



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