3 Celebrities We Wish Would Open Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted on October 05 2016

There’s a veritable ‘green rush’ happening in America right now, with entrepreneurs coming from far and wide to get a slice of this burgeoning market. Many of these entrepreneurs will be known to us by their company name only as opposed to their actual name. However, this may change with the predicted rise in celebrity entrepreneurs getting involved, with rapper The Game becoming the first to own shares in a marijuana dispensary last month. We predict that a number of business savvy pot-loving celebs will soon get involved in this rapidly growing industry. This list will outline those that we predict as well as those we hope will get involved in the cannabis business.

Snoop Dogg

The West Coast icon has managed to remain relevant for many years, lasting through the best and worst eras of hip-hop by sticking true to two things, The West Coast and a nice amount of weed. Growing up as a young stoner, rather stereotypically, big Snoop was essentially the soundtrack to my life for a couple of years. He has done a number of collaborations with vaporizer brand G-pen, however, he is yet to make the full plunge into becoming a bonafide pot powerhouse.

Seth Rogen

Now, there are a lot of funny stoners out there, I know a couple myself, but Seth Rogen may be the funniest of them all. With dozens of brilliant comedy appearances in film and television as well as a healthy supply of activism under his belt, Rogen is a perfect candidate to open his own dispensary, they could even do a comedy night.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi disappeared for a little while and sort of got replaced by Wiz Khalifa in the mainstream circle, but Cudi still holds a place in my heart as well as a cult following. Being somewhat of a lonely teenager who only really socialised with close friends and smoked weed, hearing Kid Cudi sing about being a ‘lonely stoner trying to free his mind’ was somewhat relatable. Cudi is possibly one of the most creative artists of our generation, therefore it would be interesting to see what he could do with a little money invested into a dispensary.



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