2 Strains For Your Days Off

Posted on November 24 2016

The Holidays are approaching, and chances are a lot of you will have time off in the run up to Xmas, and with the weather outside being frightful, it’s a perfect time to stay inside with some delightful strains of bud. While it would be very fitting to list every red and green strain as Christmas themed weed, that would take too long, and there’s more to the market than that. Plus there are some that are just begging to be smoked on a day off inside your house with nothing to do but wait for Xmas.


Over the Holidays you tend to consume a lot more chocolate, and what a perfect companion thisis. Screw advent calendar chocolate, I want chocolope! Chocolope is a massive plant that you should probably avoid if grow room is limited. It is a Sativa dominant strain and it will take over almost any amount of head room you can throw at it. It has a fruity smell and a chocolatey taste that give great variety.


Incredible Bulk

I mainly chose this strain because it’s name provided somewhat of a nostalgia trip for me, it reminded me of a Christmas gone by where all my presents were in some way themed towards superheroes. And obviously those Incredible Hulk hands at Christmas on the film Step Brothers. That aside, this bud really is incredible, it is a three part hybrid of Big Bud, Super Skunk and Green Spirit, bred to be a heavyweight performer, this plant does not disappoint. This giant bud is 80% indica and 20% sativa meaning it’s a nice mix.






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