Bitcoin 101: Buying seeds with bitcoins

Posted on March 30 2015

When you've selected the seeds you need, simply enter your shipping address (or login if you've shopped with us before), when you go through to the payment screen you'll want to select the top option, simply labeled "Bitcoin".


When you have selected Bitcoin, you'll click continue below which will redirect you to Coinbase. Once you are redirected to Coinbase, you will sell details of your transaction, the grand total in both your native currency and bitcoin. 

It will give you the option to pay straight from your Coinbase wallet if you have one (if you haven't you might want to set one up and purchase bitcoin through them) or alternatively, scan the QR code with your wallet app from your phone or just send the exact amount to the bitcoin address stated, as seen below. 

This transaction should take the same amount of time (if not less), as a standard card payment. Once the payment has been authorised, it will take you back to the website with confirmation as usual. 

Congratulations, you've just completed your first bitcoin transaction with us. If you'd like to know more about bitcoin, we've published a series of articles. Check them out.



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