Why You Should Be Using Bitcoin To Expand Your Seed Collection!

Posted on March 15 2016

Privacy is essential to consumers of every product, there is no exception the rule in seed collecton. As a global seed distributor we appreciate that customers have a right to privacy and we respect that. We want to tell you that using Bitcoin provides you with the most discretion possible.

Providers like Gmail allow us to send messages across the world at no cost; Skype lets us make video and telephone calls without paying. Well, Bitcoin allows you to send money anonymously across the internet in exchange for services and goods with the most anonymity and security possible. It's changing the online commerce landscape and by extension, it's changing how seed collectors use Bitcoin. 

Transactions that don't identify you - Bitcoin doesn't need third party payment providers or banks, which means your purchases can't be seen by the Government. Apart from ourselves, you would be the only person that knows exactly what you bought. To put this into context, it's the same principle as walking into a shop and paying with cash. 

Because Bitcoin isn't controlled by the government or a bank, it means that big city bankers smoking big cigars aren't profiting from you spending money as you see fit.

The future of money? - The internet has really caught onto the idea of using Bitcoin as a payment method for all manner of goods. The security and reliability are comparable to traditional payment processors such as PayPal.

British billionaire Sir Richard Bransom is heavily invested in Bitcoin and considers it to be a credible alternative to traditional currencies.  On Branson's website, Virgin, he explains: 'I have invested in Bitcoin because I believe in its potential, the capacity it has to transform global payments is very exciting. It has been obvious to us all for quite some time that people aren’t satisfied with the business as usual approach adopted by the major payment networks. 

There’s a real desire for greater levels of control, freedom and scrutiny over what happens with our money, Bitcoin addresses these concerns and that is why so many people believe it represents the future. While many of us are excited about the possibilities Bitcoin has to offer, I’m not sure any of us would argue that it comes without problems.'

Buy with Bitcoin today.


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