Which strain is Hillary Clinton?

Posted on June 09 2016

As Hillary Clinton has finally clinched the position as presumptive nominee for the Democratic party. Following on from our post yesterday about what Strain is Donald Trump, we’re going to give Hillary her very own strain. We’re not sure what her position on cannabis is but we think she’ll be happy with what we come up with.

So Hillary is the first female presumptive nominee in American history, so that makes a pretty obvious place to start. We’re looking for a feminized strain that can match Hillary’s feminine wiles. Along with that, Hillary is fiery and isn’t one to back down from a fight, so we’re looking for something that hits hard.

The next question is, indica or sativa? Those of you who read our Donald Trump strain post would have seen that The Donald is a short punchy indica, so do we expect Hillary to be the opposite? Not exactly. Hillary isn’t necessarily as progressive as her opponent for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders was, which we would correlate with a high minded lofty sativa. Hillary is somewhere in the middle, so we’re looking for some indica/sativa hybrid here to match her conservative social outlook with her more progressive financial position.

Auto or regular photoperiod? Well, The Donald was an auto, as he finished the nomination as the Republican nominee pretty quickly, whereas Hillary has taken until almost the end of the race to cement her position. We’re looking for a long flowering time on this one, and regular, not an auto for Hillary.

Finally, Hillary is a Democrat, which means we’re going to be looking for the bluest strain possible to match her true blue party colours.

So, we’ve come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is a regular photoperiod, blue coloured hybrid that’s also feminised. She’s gonna have a strong hit of THC, and she’s gonna make you forget stuff, because it is known that Hillary ‘can be forgetful’. What’s that strain then?

KANNABIA - Mataro Blue

You might not have heard of Mataro Blue by Kannabia seeds before, which is a bit of a shame because it’s an amazing plant. It’ll hit you hard with its 24% THC, and it has a long flowering period of 10 weeks, allowing it to give you those lovely autumnal blue colours that may or may not reflect your party allegiance. Mataro Blue is feminised too, so you’ll always get the best out of this plant. Definitely one to add to the seed collection.

Buy the seeds here: http://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/products/kannabia-mataro-blue



  • Mike: June 24, 2016

    I think Trump and Clinton should be Skunks, as they bdoth stink. Trumps strain should also be one that makes you paranoid, and definitly not any Mexican or Middleast strain for him. A White strain with orange hairs seems right.

  • James Connell: June 16, 2016

    I’m afraid to say Hillary Clinton is NO Fan of Cannabis.
    She " Wants to Study it more. " which means I Don’t Like It.
    The Med & Rec Cannabis Consumers wanted Bernie Sanders to win, He was For Complete Legalization and Ending the American Drug War on people.
    I can speak for All Cannabis Consumers in America that is for Common Sense Goverment Policy Foreign and Domestic and Legalization, " GIVE BERNIE A STRAIN " he Deserves it for the Fight he put up FOR US!

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