Oregon finally allows people to use edibles

Posted on June 06 2016

Oregon legalised the sale of recreational marijuana in 2014, and it was the first state in the US to decriminalise the use of marijuana way back when. It’s generally been at the forefront of marijuana policy in the US for decades. That’s why it was a little strange when Oregon wouldn’t let anyone grow their own, or purchase edibles infused with THC.

This week, they’ve finally gone a small way to changing that by allowing people aged 21 and over to purchase marijuana-infused edibles, extracts and non-psychoactive topicals. The laws are restrictive though, as they learn the best way to go about enacting the new legalisation legislation.

The current rules means that stores may only sell edibles with a maximum of 15 milligrams of THC per package, and there is a limit of one package per customer, per day. This is expected to rise to 50mg by the end of the year. This is only half of that allowed in Colorado and Washington.

"They say, drink responsibly," said William Simpson, CEO of Chalice Farms, a Portland-based marijuana grower, processor and retailer. "Eat responsibly—that should be the slogan for edibles. Start slow and take your time. Eat a little and wait a long time."

Edibles can be pretty strong, and much of the bad press about legalisation efforts have come from use of edibles, so its unsurprising that Oregon is taking such a cautious path towards the way they deal with marijuana legalisation and consumption. The rest of the world is looking at them, so I don’t blame them for being cautious. Even if we know what the eventual result will be anyway.



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