Old School Strains: Hindu Kush

Posted on June 02 2016


An exclusively indica strain which originates from the expansive area of the Himalayas from whence it receives its name. The aptly titled Hindu Kush makes up a large portion of the Himalayas Western spur, spreading itself over half of Afghanistan and straddling the borders of India and Pakistan for a large distance, almost reaching China. Whilst somewhat desolate the region is certainly not lacking in natural beauty, alongside this the area is also an essential trade route between the Middle East and the Far East where numerous cannabis cultures converge, forming somewhat of a marijuana melting pot. Truthfully Hindu Kush is at the epicentre when considering true Indica or Afghanica genotypes and the various forms of black hashish derived from them.

Breeding within its own gene pool has led to Hindu Kush being selected as a cultivar known for stability and quality over the span of countless generations. A very consistent seedling production means that Hindu Kush is a stellar choice for uniform indoor crops grown straight from seeds. The seeds will flourish into a lusciously dark green plant with broad-bladed indica leaves. In warmer climates it is possible for the Hindu Kush plants to flourish outdoors.

Hindu Kush is known for its subtle smell, consisting of notes of sandalwood as well as other earthy but naturally sweet aromas. It does however have an irregularly high potency among non-hybrid strains, imparting a deep contemplative and possibly introspective high upon the user.

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