Stoners be careful - you’re starting to sound paranoid

Posted on May 31 2016

People who smoke cannabis are generally amazing people. They’re creative, funny and dynamic. They range from businessmen to rappers and everyone in between. Unfortunately though, there is a section of the community that loves the plant so much they lock themselves in an echo chamber (See our piece Does the cannabis ‘bubble’ give us green tinted glasses when it comes to legalization?). This has caused some people to react pretty poorly to any perceived changes in their idealised cannabis world.

Recently there were accusations in High Times that big alcohol and big tobacco were manoeuvring to take over the legal recreational market in some parts of the United States. There has always been a worry in the cannabis community that legalisation would lead to a monopoly of the cannabis market by big industry players. This isn’t likely though.

The alcohol and tobacco industries do have experience in highly regulated markets, and have capital. They don’t have a lot of other things though. They don’t have in house expertise. They don’t want to encourage an industry that will affect them. Last but not least, they’re late to the party and they forgot to bring a gift for the hosts.

This will not be shocking to anyone reading this, but its not that hard to grow cannabis. That will be its saving grace from anyone who might want to try to monopolise on cannabis. We don’t have to worry about a large take over by big alcohol or big tobacco, as bis business is what America does best, and big cannabis will emerge as its own strong contender. The fact that people will be able to grow their own cannabis, and legislate on a state level means that the big fight back against alcohol and tobacco won’t automatically result in a big industry win.

Paranoia surrounds the cannabis movement not because cannabis causes paranoia, but because they’ve been the target for persecution for so long. The time of persecution is coming to an end though, it’s time to embrace the industry and move forward. If cannabis is legalised fully, we have to expect that it is taken out of the back room and into the sunlight, and we shouldn’t shun that, it will only be better for us in the long run.



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