The UK media just reported that some sheep ate weed trimmings and went on a psychotic rampage

Posted on May 26 2016

British tabloids have long been a great source of fake news stories designed to entertain, or in many case, propagandise. The Daily Mail, a well known bastion of hack journalism and dollar store patriotism in the UK ran a story on their website yesterday entitled ‘Stoned sheep go on 'psychotic rampage' after eating cannabis plants dumped in quiet Welsh village’. I would link to it here but I don’t want to add to their machine that makes stuff up and then monetises it through advertising revenue. 

The story on the website described how the remnants of an illegal cannabis grow had been dumped in a farmer’s field. The sheep then ate the leftovers of the grow and county councillor Ioan Richard said the sheep have been 'roaming the village' causing havoc and claims they have even been breaking into homes and getting killed by cars while in a daze.

The offending leftovers:

Now, not many people are experts in both cannabis and sheep, but as I grew up next to a sheep farm and have been smoking for years, I’m going to put myself out there as one of the few people who could shed some light on this story who isn’t a complete hack. 

If you’re a particularly poor farmer then you might be the type of person who constantly lets your farm animals out of the field and into the local village. You might be a very bad farmer if your sheep get into people’s house and end up getting killed by cars on the road. If you are this type of bad farmer, then it makes sense to blame your sheep not on your shoddy farming ability, or your forgetfulness to shut a gate but on some random bits of soil that had been left by people growing cannabis. 

The problem is, the article itself doesn’t even suggest the sheep ate the leftovers, and the leftovers weren’t left in the sheep field, they were elsewhere in the village, the sheep would have had to had already have escaped before they even got to the weed. 

More crazy propaganda from the UK while the US marches forward. 



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