Fantastic New Seeds In Stock from Moxie Seeds

Posted on May 24 2016

Moxie Seeds have sent us some fantastic new seeds in, which we think you’ll be super excited to try out. Moxie have lived up to their name and created some powerful new hybrids with a real hit. You won’t be sorry if you want to add these seeds to your collection. If you’re a hash fan, then these are definitely for you. 

We’ve showcased three of them here: 

Blue Diamond Phillips

Blue Diamond Phillips is named after one of Moxie’s favourite wild west actors. It’s a strong plant that combines the size of Blue Diamond with the lovely flavour and hard hitting potency of Goji O.G. It’s one thats best placed for experiences growers, as this diamond will need some polishing up to get the best out of it. A medium yielder but with a huge amount of resin makes this a plant that will produce fantastic hash.

Viper O.G 

Viper O.G is a lovely strain that’s similar to the Lemon Goji O.G which is a fan favourite with Moxie. Viper combines Goji O.G. and Viper City O.G to get the best out of both of these strains to give plant that’s great for newbies and the experiences a-like. It’s a strong plant that is covered in resin and has a high yield. Another great plant for hash making.

Goji Valley Kush

Goji Valley Kush is a combination of the sweet and tangy flavour of the grape valley kush with the density of the Goji O.G which brings out fantastic qualities in the resulting plant - Goji Valley Kush. Resinous but also sweet, this one makes a great hash plant or one for flowers.




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