Old School Strains: Acapulco Gold

Posted on May 19 2016

If you grew up smoking in the last 30 years or so, then Acapulco Gold (also known as Mexican Sativa) would have been the mainstay of what you were smoking. It’s a smooth landrace sativa that doesn’t hit too hard or too fast. 

Its ancestors were a prized strain from Oaxaca, which then spread out from Mexico to the rest of the US. So that people could grow it in the northern hemisphere, where summers are much shorter, it was crossed with genes from Durban - a particularly hardy African sativa, and a Pakistani hash plant that flowered quickly.

The Acapulco Gold strain itself is a subtle flavour of aniseed, resin and pine, which will make any old school smoker feel nostalgic. The plant itself has a gentle uplifting high, but is low enough in THC and CBD that you can carry on about your day, or just have a great time with friends. 

Acapulco also makes a fantastic sativa for would be breeders, looking to cross landrace genetics with their favourite strains for endless possibilities. 

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