Your city isn’t going to be the centre of cannabis culture - and that’s ok

Posted on May 17 2016

If you follow cannabis news websites, you’ll regularly see articles with the title ‘LA aims to be the new centre for cannabis culture’ or Toronto or any number of of other cities that are planning to become the centre of the burgeoning cannabis industry in legalised states. The thing is though, they can’t all be the centre of cannabis industry and culture, nor does there have to be a centre at all. 

The legalisation of cannabis has created thousands of new jobs and has opened up a huge part of the business world to new entrepreneurs. This means that cities are now competing to have people set up their canna-businesses for the tax they bring in leading to cities positioning themselves to be a ‘centre’ for cannabis industry. 

The problem with that is with the opening up of regulations on cannabis based businesses, you don’t really need to have a centre for them. A decentralised system where businesses are able to trade with each other across the country is far more likely to succeed than a few hotspots where many businesses are centered. The best place to start a business is where you live, so we should be wary of any city that is trying to claim that they will be better for canna-businesses than anywhere else. 

The other side of this argument is that while cannabis has only been fully legalized for some states, then there are only a select few cities in which is makes sense for cannabis start ups to go, because that’s where the customers are. Eventually though, as cannabis is legalised across the country, more opportunities to compete will start around the country. We should also into the account that cannabis culture differs from place to place, what does well in some places may not necessarily do well in others. 

To anyone thinking of starting a cannabis business, being able to network and having a fantastic business idea and execution will always be more important than the city that you’re in. Cannabis doesn’t belong in one particular place, it belongs everywhere. 



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