Does everything have to be an edible?

Posted on May 12 2016

The booming legal cannabis industry in the U.S is going from strength to strength and along with it comes a huge explosion of the way people can ingest cannabis. Bongs and joints are the old school way of getting high, these days you can get concentrates and edibles meaning you’re not limited to smoking. 

You can get marijuana gummy bears, lollipops and brownies, but is it all going a bit too far? Yesterday I saw an article about cannabis infused sugar, meaning that you can add it to your coffee for an extra morning buzz. Clearly, the industry is looking for new and innovative ways of getting your THC hit. Do we need to make sure that we can get high in every possible way though? Long gone are the days of a cheeky party where people bring out a tray of brownies for everyone to have, edibles are moving into the day to day eating habits of cannabis consumers.

Does cannabis sugar need to exist though? Who are these people marketing it to? when has everyone ever looked at their pot of sugar in the kitchen and said ‘man, I wish that could get me high’? It’s unrealistic to think that everyone needs to get high all the time, and in any method possible. Realistically, these new cannabis infusions are a bit of marketing gimmick. Every time a new cannabis infusion comes out, it hits the top of all the cannabis publications and the people who make it probably get a nice boost for their new business. 

It begs the question whether everyone got a bit excited at the prospect of legal cannabis and its moving away from what it was meant to be, a way for people who enjoyed an occasional smoke to make sure they weren’t targeted by law enforcement and to make them no longer feel like criminals. Cannabis is after all something that should only be used by adults, and when you make it ubiquitous by putting cannabis in everything, you’re somewhat ignoring the point that activists have been making for a long time, is that legalising cannabis means that you can regulate things more closely, rather than the industry spinning out of control.

More and more states that are looking to legalise are now making sure that edibles aren’t available in their state. The worries are that making sure that cannabis is still seen comparable to alcohol and isn’t seen as completely harmless. No one, as far as I know is making alcohol infused sugar, and that’s probably a good thing.



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