Old school strains: Thai

Posted on May 11 2016

We’ve been asked by a lot of people who grew up smoking in the 80s if any of their favourite strains are available. Many people who smoked thirty years ago and aren ow getting back into it because it is legal in their state find that current strains of cannabis are too strong for them after such a long time gone. A lot of people are looking for strains that are similar to what they used to smoke years ago, with lower THC levels so they can carry on their day to day lives while still enjoying a smoke. 

That’s why every week we’re going to bring you some strains that we believe are the next best thing to the original landraces and bud you were smoking years ago. This week: Thai. 

Thai comes, unsurprisingly from Thailand and was the origin of what many people knew as ‘thai stick’ which was brown dried out weed that was wrapped with cotton string. It had a smooth taste and was an up high rather than a body buzz, meaning you still had clarity of thought while smoking it.

We’ve got some strains that are still around today that will give you some of that fantastic thai taste without all the power. 

Thai Tanic 


Thai Tanic is a Thai strain that was back crossed with a sunk #1 for faster maturity. It’s a long and stalky plant, but shorter than many of its sativa forefathers that could get up to 3 meters tall. This thai variety will yield well and take you up to where you need to be, but its potency isn’t going ti hit you like a freight train.

Mama Thai


Mama Thai is another old school thai that has been selected for quicker growing while keeping the taste and effects f its forefathers. It takes 11 weeks to flower so is more suitable for indoor than out. We know you won’t be disappointed with this one.



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