The NFL has a weed problem - but it’s not the one you might think

Posted on May 09 2016

You might have seen last week when I wrote about the case of Laremy Tunsil, the NFL draft prospect who probably lost on about 8 million dollars because a video of him smoking a bong got released minutes before the 2016 NFL draft started. The NFL has an incredibly strict policy that doesn’t allow any platers to use recreational, or more importantly for them, medicinal marijuana. 

The rate of concussion and injuries is still on the rise in the NFL, and many retired professionals from the league are coming out to say that they used marijuana to help their return from injuries when the played. 

32 teams in the NFL have had lawsuits filed against them by former players for forcing them to take opioid painkillers to get them back to playing quicker. This led to many players becoming addicted to painkillers after getting injured playing football. This danger of addiction and overdose has led players to consider cannabis to reduce the problems associated with the game. 

Denver Broncos player, Nate Jackson has said that he, “never liked the pills and medicated with cannabis.” “Pills” in the statement is a reference to opioids.

The NFL however, isn’t on the same lines. Players are banned from smoking marijuana in the off season, even in legal states. They are also banned from using it medicinally at all. The commissioner of the league, ever unpopular Roger Goodall has stated: 

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, has stated:

“It’s an NFL policy and we believe it’s the correct strategy, for now, in the best interest of our players and the long-term health of our players.”

This is a different reality to the fact that now a majority of players in the NFL are stealthily still smoking. 

Atlanta Falcons running back, Jamal Anderson has recently been quoted in saying that: 

“It’s at least 60 percent now.” “That’s a bare minimum. That’s because players today don’t believe the stigma that people associate with smoking it. To the younger guys in the league now, smoking weed is a regular thing, like having a beer. Additionally, they know that smoking it helps them with the concussions.”

Sooner or later the NFL will have to come round to the idea that marijuana helps athletes more than it hinders them.



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