Is Alaska's marijuana industry about to look a lot more like Amsterdam's?

Posted on May 02 2016

In a move away from how the rest of the United States has regulated their legal cannabis markets, Alaska has voted to allow people to consume marijuana in special rooms in their place of purchase.

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board has drafted rules that allows for on-site consumption, making it the only state that will allow it.

Anyone who has ever been to Amsterdam will be familiar with this model, you go on, purchase the cannabis you would like to consume and then smoke or vape it on the premises.  

Under the proposed rules in Alaska, dispensaries will have to apply for a consumption license, separated from the retail side of the business. Transitions will be limited at 1g of flower, 10mg edible or 0.25g of concentrates such as BHO etc. 

There is currently no way for consumers in legal states to legally consume cannabis apart from in their own homes. This makes cannabis tourism difficult, with novel ideas such as ‘bud and breakfasts’ popping up in Colorado. 

Alaska is a state that is well known for its commitment to personal freedom, and the new moves are aimed at moving the cannabis industry in line with the alcohol industry, in which on site consumption is a very common model (bars etc).

There a few issues with the new plan, the limits are seen as low for those people with high tolerances. There is also the fact that you can’t take away any cannabis purchased for on-site consumption, meaning anything not smoked will be left behind and destroyed.

So instead of planning your bachelor for Amsterdam this year, maybe Alaska will be the go to place for cannabis tourism. It definitely already has the amazing views and nature associated with a great tourist hot spot, despite being a little bit cold at times of the year. 




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