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Posted on March 27 2016


Ok, so hypothetical situation: you meet a babe on Tinder or Match or whatever you like. You go out for a few drinks. You find that you have loads in common. You discuss your favourite movies, books, bands, whatever… At this point in your life you feel lucky to have found someone you can connect with on an intellectual and emotional level, not to mention you cannot wait to get her/him back to your place.

Skip forward a few hours and everything, I mean EVERYTHING was absolute dynamite. This is the person you’ve been looking for. You’re sure of it. As they lie in your bed, tucked into your embrace, you reach over to your secret drawer and get your tin. Yes, to top of this evening, you just really want a smoke. 

THIS is the point where your perfect babe becomes an obstacle to the enjoyment of the rest of your evening. S(he) pours scorn on you. They tell you they are not into that AT ALL. Now, I don’t wanna make any generalisations here - I’m sure many couples do not share that passion - but what if sharing a smoke together would be the final thing, the final push, to make it perfect? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to reach over, full of trepidation, at their reaction? Wouldn’t it be nice if the only thing you had to worry about was sexual performance and awkward conversation? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could guarantee at least one spark?

If this is what you’re looking for, I introduce you to HIGH THERE! It’s a mobile dating app that looks an awful lot like Tinder, but where you can be pretty certain that if you get a match, you’re being matched with someone who is looking forward to that post-sex spliff just as much as you are.

Ps. I apologise for any radical generalisations or assertions. I was just trying to find a creative way of introducing you to something you might appreciate! Have fun



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