Introducing the WEED DOCTOR APP

Posted on March 27 2016

You might not think as San Francisco as pioneers of legal marijuana, or even California for that matter. But San Francisco has always been something of a technological leader, and true to form, the city is the first to bring you an app that makes the most of California’s position as one of the leading states in legal marijuana, and specially medicinal marijuana. 

Today, San Francisco based cannabis delivery service EAZE announced  that it is launching EazeMD, a mobile video conferencing service designed to directly connect medical marijuana patients and prescribing doctors. The app, available on both iOS and Android, works just like physically visiting a clinic. Users fill out the same standard forms required by the state of California, queue up to speak to the doctor, and then discuss their maladies and potential treatment options with a licensed physician. 

Consultations costs $30 (after a $10 mailed rebate), which is significantly less expensive than what the clinics (around San Francisco at least) charge. Plus, once the patient is approved, they can immediately order product from the Eaze website for delivery. 

I can’t quite work out if this is brilliant, or pointless. But as always, I commend any platform that is aiming to further the development of medicinal marijuana. 



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