“75 to 80 percent of athletes use marijuana in the NBA.”

Posted on March 21 2016

I’ve been clear to put this in quotation marks so I can’t be accused of speaking nonsense, and I’m not saying this is nonsense, but it does seem far-fetched. This estimate comes from former pro NBA player Jay Williams, and whilst the estimate seems surprisingly high, it becomes slightly more conceivable when he claims these players are using it medicinally (and are not just massive stoners).

Williams has openly spoken about his own marijuana use and is a progressive advocate for medicinal marijuana. “It’s easy for doctors to prescribe you Oxycontin and look I was addicted to it for five plus years so I know. But when you say marijuana you get a reaction, ahhh, it’s a gateway drug.”

“You see pictures of guys in California going in and getting their medical marijuana cards. And I’m not just saying athletes, let’s talk about society. I know a lot of people that use it. It’s something that the whole world is becoming more progressive with. So it’s about time some of these entities do as well,” he adds.

Currently NBA players undergo random drug tests four times a season and if found to have used receive game suspensions in addition to forced entry into rehabilitation programmes and financial penalties. 

Williams, however, claims players are willing to risk this in order to use marijuana as an alternative medicine to the stresses of professional sports. He suggests that marijuana is a far safer alternative and should be embraced by doctors within the NBA (within states that allow medicinal marijuana). 

“I know so many athletes that play on Percocet. Have you ever taken Percocet by the way? It makes you way more groggy than rubbing cannabis oil into your skin,” adds Williams. “It’s demonized in society too. Oh, he’s a pot head. No, I actually just use cannabis oil because it helps with inflammation and takes away some anxiety.”




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